You Have Experienced A Love Story –Not Like This

Namaste:  The Divine Energy and Divine Love within me, honors the Divine Energy and Divine Love within you. 

I purposely set aside  a portion of my week for the so very important initiative Life Rights .  You may know that I am working closely with Steve Pohlit who’s energy is “off the charts” with me on this mission. 

I asked Steve if he had seen the story of the lion who was found when a cub, raised for awhile in civilization by a couple of guys and then because lion cubs grow into lions, ran out of space and was released in Africa. Steve said he had not seen it and I could tell he was thinking “oh here we go another one of those Temple things” .

We sat together Steve became quiet  and like mine, his eyes opened wide with amazement.  We share the understanding that all life has Divine Love as a soul. We share the knowing of Oneness. Our intention is to help many understand the bliss of that knowing.  We also share the appreciation of knowing it is wonderful to have the emotions we are blessed with.  

Yes it is a really good idea to have have the tissue box nearby.. like in your lap.  I know your reaction and I honor you for your response. Please consider this, once you have watched this about a hundred times and sent it to everyone you love and even don’t love :),  think about how you feel about Life Rights ..the right of all to live their intention in freedom and peace.  If this resounds with you,  please make sure you are registered at   and ask everyone you know to do the same.  This is not a request for funds, this is a mission of building community, a community of Life Rights consciousness. 

Abundant Blessings,  Temple Hayes:  Enjoy! 


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