What is Karma?


Karma, in popular terms means that in this lifetime or in
other lifetimes,a soul has made certain choices,and karma
is the consequences of those choices.
In Unity, we believe that we are working with the law
of cause and effect. (see Cause and Effect)When we recognize
our mistakes and realize that our mistakes are creating
consequences, we are healed.There is not a record book
keeping track of the number of “good” or “bad” actions
we take. Karma’s effect ends once our awareness is brought
to wholeness.
The knowing of the law becomes the practice of the
law which leads to results. Jesus wanted us to understand
how to pray by declaring to God, give usTHIS DAY our
daily bread and forgive us as we forgive others.This is
living in the consciousness of using cause and effect on a
daily basis. In the schoolroom of life we learn to do better;
therefore, we create better results in our lives.

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