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When Did You Die?


Energetically speaking, people of all ages are dying inside every day. Too many people have come to accept dying while they are living as a way of life and this book aims to change that. When Did You Die?takes the reader on an insightful journey focused on eight simple and profound steps to stop dying and start waking up!

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crappy to happy

Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy

Do bad things happen to good people, or could the difficulties we face be gifts in disguise? You decide as thirty courageous authors share their poignant true stories with you.

Walk alongside the writers as they weather the storms of gender and sexual identity, crises of faith, divorce, addiction, health challenges, lost love, and more. Find inspiration for your future as you gain deeper insight into the meaning of life’s challenges.

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The Right to Be You: The Little Book That Could

All proceeds go directly to the Life Rights movement! The Right to Be You, written simply for adults and children of all ages, gives us pause to consider the fact that all living things have the right to life. Beautifully illustrated and designed for classroom teaching and story time, this book has captured many hearts, and will lighten the imaginations of all people who read it.

Simply said, this book has the answer to most all of our global issues today. Simple to read… yet harder to live.

How to Speak Unity

How to Speak Unity is an A-Z guide for living life as it’s meant to be lived, fully and joyfully.

“From all of the people I have met along my personal spiritual path, it’s clear to me that the world is longing for compassion,direction and oneness.” — TEMPLE HAYES

Speaking with Power and Confidence

This 3 part DVD series has been purchased by people in politics, speaking genres, TV and film, entrepreneurs and every day heroes with a cause.

It is one thing to have a passion – it is another task to know how to speak it which moves the listener to a place of action.

Temple has coached many Fortune 500 companies and her skills adapted by individuals have made them millionaires.

These teachings have carried Temple all over the globe and you can have some of her best speaking skills available to you any time.

Moving From Good to Amazing

Are you ready to set aside an ordinary life, a life unplanned without conscious design? Are you ready to step into beliefs and values which belong to you and discard the influence of past experiences which no longer – or never – inspired and empowered you? Then you’re ready to move from good to amazing!

From Good to Amazing is designed to offer tools where the teacher within you calls forth the student within you and creates a life of congruency and mystical magnificence. Open yourself up to the highest vibration of who you truly are with this 5-week, 2-disc CD set, recorded live at First Unity Spiritual Campus.

It’s never too late to make a difference…

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