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For the past 25 years, Temple Hayes has been known as a healer who brings life and energy where they are lacking in hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Are you ready to become MORE ALIVE, more AUTHENTIC, more YOUTHFUL, and more ENERGETIC? 

When you embark on this type of work, you will discover practical ways to actually go through fear and not let it stop you. You’ll learn how restoring your soul re-energizes you and creates an open heart. No matter your background or life story, Temple will guide you in transforming into the empowered being you are.  

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“We can not heal in others what has not been revealed within ourselves.”

— Temple Hayes

Her work with clients is based on tried and true experiences and teachings from her book, When Did You Die? The answer is everyone has energetically died at some point. The question is how can we bring one back to life’s full potential again?

Are you ready to become more alive, more authentic, more youthful, and more energetic?

When we live from a place of wholeness, we are not experiencing life through the eyes of lack. Therefore we can give freely of our time, our talent, and our love – for we know that the more we give, the more we will have to give. When we live from a place of wholeness, then others will want to mirror our vibrancy of life. 

We are forever young. We are energized.

Working with leaders, CEO’s, celebrities, the addicted, people held back by their past, and a wide range of clients through the years, one thing I’ve learned is that no matter the details of our lives,  we can always be brought back to our full potential. 

Working with me requires your full commitment to uncomfortable truths and challenging growth.

Once we (you and I) decide your path for wholeness, we will work together online or in-person to discover how you have died in your life, and how to bring yourself back into your fullest vibrancy. 

I am here to show you how to transform your stories, and to help you see yourself as the empowered being you are. You’ll learn to put your whole self in as you restore your soul and move from disconnected and drained to energized and impassioned. 

This work will help you to bring your full self into your relationships and allow your dreams to become real, as you begin to understand and transcend the shadows in your life. If you are not living your life from a place of worthiness and self love, or are feeling drained and cut off from life, this work will show you your true path to thriving. 

Your dreams are waiting on you to come true.

We actually choose life or death on a daily basis. And while we are so determined to avoid aging and avoid the truth that we will die, we miss out on the greatest performance of all time: not dying while we are living. 

Many of us do not realize that there are many layers to being asleep and dying while we are living. We are so caught up in the motions of living, eating, working, and making and keeping appointments that we don’t realize how we may have died to our potential long ago. 

We can choose the path of familiarity and of what society or our family says we are, or we can choose our very own original and unique path of destiny. The path on which we will be awake and fully alive is as unique as our fingerprints. There is no one else who can walk it or be on it for us. 

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