Waiting and Wanting

I love the statement and I will paraphrase, “Life becomes unnecessarily difficult only when we wish that what is were very different than how it appears to be.” I think I could be an expert in this department because so many years I couldn’t wait… couldn’t wait to fall in love, couldn’t wait to get the car, couldn’t wait to graduate, couldn’t wait and couldn’t wait some more. Also, I wanted it to be better than what is was. It is so stressful to live from these eyes of perception… always wanting life to be something different than what it is. We have all heard numerous stories of women that were devastated because they didn’t think they could have children and rather than stop living or stop connecting with children; they would adopt or move on. Often, just by letting go, they would get pregnant anyway. There is tremendous freedom in letting go… and tremendous struggle with hanging on. What could you let go of that you have been holding onto? What if you weren’t resisting your current circumstances and you paid more attention to all that is around you? How could you make the best of your career at this time rather than wanting to be somewhere else? What if what Buddha said is true.. “Whatever is.. is best”?

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