How do I use the law of cause and effect?


When a person plants a seed, the seed will grow. It is not
necessary to dig the seed up to know it is growing.The
seed does not question its purpose and will develop
according to the laws of nature.
Likewise, what we focus upon grows in our lives.
Cause is always the seed that will produce an effect in our
lives. From a metaphysical perspective, we are always experiencing
the effects of our thinking and deep-rooted
beliefs. Our conscious mind affirms ideas into
our subconscious mind throughout the course of our day.
What the conscious mind knows, the subconscious mind
grows.The reality we see is the result of seeds we have
planted in the past.As we awaken, we begin to change
how we are thinking (the cause) so we may change what
we see in our lives (the effect).The law is always
working—even if we say it is not working, it proves itself
by not working for us.

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