To Wish Upon A Star Is Progress, To Know That You Are One Is Evolution


When this idea came to me, I was not referring to being a celebrity or improvisation management. I was referring to being a unique and unrepeatable creation of Spirit.
When I was a teenager, I loved the crescent moon and star and had posters, rings and necklaces. The symbols were on my state flag of South Carolina and yet I knew that was not the reason. One weekend at 20 years old, I went with a group of girls to a Tattoo parlor and I was adamant I would celebrate them yet not participate. It was in the early 70’s and for a young girl to have a tattoo was not really cool at the time. As I waited for all four of them to get a tattoo, I had a few too many beers in the bar next door and suddenly my concern of people pleasing dissipated and I said the the artist, “can you do a crescent moon and star?” He replied with a bold, “Absolutely.”
I loved it and thought most people would. And then my religious and hypocritical aunt saw it. She said it was satanic, the emblem of the Islamic flag and I was to cut it off my arm immediately. As of this writing, I still have it and I love it.
I was so amazed when I was in my late 40s, a friend gifted me with a framed image of the true way the stars and galaxies were aligned when I was born. And yes, of course, the day I was born, it was the crescent moon and star.
Do not ever allow anyone to take away from you that which you love for you intuitively connect with ‘things’ and places and people for a reason.
YES you are a star and fortunately for all of us, there is only one like you.

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