The Secret…To Achieving The Goal of Life Rights TM

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The Secret…To Achieving The Goal of Life Rights TM

A Brief Review:

1. Definition: Life Rights is the right of all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace. The operative words are “all life”.

2. The goal of Life Rights: The single minded purpose of Life Rights is a shift in universal consciousness to the Unconditional Love that is the essence of all life.

Since the words “shift in universal consciousness” is probably as clear as mud for many people, walk with me as we explore the meaning of that phrase and how we achieve the Life Rights goal.

Neale Donald Walsch writes in his book Happier Than God:

“When you experience the ever present love of God in your life, you will be happier than ever before and be in that state forever.” 

Notice how this is directed to each one of us as individuals. That is the key that unlocks the secret to how The Life Rights goal is accomplished.

I know there is nothing more important than achieving a state of Life Rights consciousness…absolutely nothing more important. This is true because Life Rights is founded in knowing the essence of each person, of all life, is the Unconditional Love within each cell. It also means  total connection with the Unconditional Love that is the essence of our spirit. When this Oneness connection is allowed to flow by each of us,  it is impossible to be part of any abuses of freedom in the physical plane. Being in the state of Oneness with Unconditional Love means all of us no longer move in the direction of having to change another’s life  because we think our way is better. Being in a state of Oneness means total acceptance without judgement, judgment that produces a negative thought.

This practical example may add clarity: Many towns and cities have shelters for abused women. The funding and personal time and energy devoted to helping people who have experienced that situation are purposely directed and very valuable. If we go deeper to the individual acts that caused the resulting physical and mental abuse, they are founded on a disconnect with who we really are. God does not reach out and physically hurt us or torment our mental state. God is within all of us without exception. So it is us blocking the Divine Energy of God that allows any abuse from happening in the first place. Life Rights is about removing the blockages and allowing our Divine Nature to be ….just be.

I know this is marvelous image, but how do we do achieve this shift in Consciousness?  With all the issues we are aware of including: war, abuse, poverty and anguish,  how can a collective shift in consciousness occur that prevents those conditions from happening in the first place?

Great question and I am so glad you asked. Here is the really cool part. Each one of us does not need to be concerned about any change to external events that are opposite the intent of Unconditional Love. All we do is focus on being Unconditional Love ourselves. When we are Unconditional Love we send out Unconditional Love to the universe and when we do that God does the rest.

Now before you go off saying “Well there is nothing else for me to do because I am already in a state of Unconditional Love” I suggest all of us take a very close look at that. Do you believe your religion is the truth and all others are something less? When you go to a public place do you find yourself thinking another person should dress differently or look differently? Do you find yourself uncomfortable with the choices of another about their personal life? Do you find yourself telling another your beliefs from a posture of lecturing versus example? Do you look outside of yourself as being responsible for solutions?

Personally I know the work I still have to do for myself. How do you think I was able to raise some of the questions just posed? While I move along the path to a consistent Oneness Consciousness, I share what I am learning with others. You can too.

The Two Step Answer To Achieving The Goal of Life Rights Universally

1. Achieve an consistent state of Unconditional Love within ourself. This means being the essence of God individualized as ourselves. How do I measure the progress that I am making to being Unconditional Love?  I measure by being acutely aware of how much or little judgment I have within. The less judgment I have within the closer to the state of Oneness that I Am. For clarity I am referring to the judgment that results in negative thinking and behavior.

2. Allow the multiplier effect created by God to do its work. This means that when we help another understand and become their individualized manifestation of God, two people are now in that state. Duplicate that process and now there are four. Duplicate that and now there are eight. If you follow that formula for thirty days there will be 536,870,912 people in a state of unconditional love. That is correct if one person influences one person each day for 30 days and each person does the same, at the end of 30 days nearly 537 million people are living in the consciousness of Unconditional Love. I am thinking that starts making a huge impact on the collective Consciousness in the universe.

Do you think we can eliminate the source of the situations in the world that are opposite Divine Intent? If each of us first transforms our own life to a state of Unconditional Love then we help another do the same, can you begin to see how achieving the goal of Life Rights can happen? Can you begin to see the world we are co-creating with God?  Can you think of anything that is more important?

I am closing this article with how it began: “When you experience the ever present love of God in your life, you will be happier than ever before and be in that state forever.”

For me that is the state I am moving closer to being all the time. Please join me.

Recommended Action Steps:

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3. Support  The Life Rights initiative with the purchase or gifting one or more books found at
4. Activate an account (free) at . Add Temple Hayes as a friend; Add Steve Pohlit as a friend; join the group Life Rights
5. Further develop your belief system. Personally I am an active member of First Unity of St. Petersburg, Florida ( ) I subscribe to daily inspirations from and others you will find in the resource section of
6. I focus my intentions in a daily book I named  For me this is the most important action I take each day. It is the place where I focus my attention on the areas where I have the opportunity to develop the most. It is the area where I use all the important Oneness lessons I learn to help me transform my life to a consistent state of Unconditional Love.

Namaste:  The Divine Energy and Divine Love within me, honors the Divine Energy and Divine Love within you. 

Steve Pohlit

Steve is honored to be assisting Temple Hayes, founder of Life Rights in achieving the goal of Universal Oneness which results in allowing all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace. 

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