The New


Ideas to Process and Integrate n
You must change more than your thinking. You
must open your heart.
You are the one you have been waiting for.
What new “aha” moment have you experienced, and what changes
are you willing to make? You will never move forward by repeating what
is in back of you. The people in your huddle are comfortable with you
staying the same. When you change, the whole game plan can change.
Too much education and not enough integration
is one reason we have not helped the self in the
self-help world. We haven’t gone deep enough to
truly integrate what we have intellectually learned.
What areas in your life do you know better but haven’t shown
better? Would you be willing to make a change or two for thirty
days? If so, what are they?
I have learned to embody the truth from the energy
of an open heart.
A change in heart brings a new start.
In what ways are you ready for a new start? Write in your
journal any information in this chapter that spoke to you.

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