It is in our nature to find our way


It is in the nature of a way to reveal itself. A way does not wish to hide or be undiscovered. Until it is discovered, its purpose for existing is not realized.

If you do not see it clearly, ask it to show itself to you. Do not be afraid to call out, “Brother Way! Sister Path! Teach me your steps.”

It is not your duty to create the way, only to follow it, to learn it is there inviting you not to struggle but to dance.
It is the space between the steps, where the foot does not fall lies the undiscovered part of even a familiar path.

If we dictate the pace and the position, we experience only that which we choose to experience. Perhaps this will have no bearing or value in our quest.

But, if we allow the path to invite us into and lead us in the dance, we discover the places we would have overlooked or stepped past. Often it is those places, in plain sight but neglected, that hold our answers, our treasures, and our beauty.

Ask the way to show itself and then enter its dance, not your own.

There is always a way and you are always on it. Trust the way!


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