The Journey of Life

Forever young (dedicated to all the women on Flickr)

One of my teachers once said, “We are not here to solve all the problems of the world… we are here to not be ONE of them.” Life is filled with many twists and turns, speed bumps, ditches and dead end streets. This is the journey of life. There are so many things about life that we can not change. We can however, change ourselves. We are surrounded today with many positive celebrity people that look so young in their aging process. I am not talking about plastic surgery but the amount of energy they still have in their lives. They show up in life with an energy in their sixties that most people do not have in their 30’s. I have met people that are only in their 20’s and they are already too old. One of my dear friends just turned 86 and she said that she and her husband went out the other evening with some old people…and I said, “How old were they?” she said, ”Very old.”

This is our greatest challenge when we are hit with life’s tragedies (and we will be). Allow yourself to go through the process; hurt, grieve and do whatever you need to do but make a vow to yourself to stay young on the inside.

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