Temple Hayes With Michael Beckwith, Tama Kieves and More


I am honored and very excited to announce that I will be featured with Michael Beckwith, Tama Kieves, Dr. Sue Morter and a wonderful group of spiritual leaders in March 2009 on the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise.  I am including a link for more information and please do me a favor:

If your energy is moving you to register for this cruise now, please Click Here for Currently Available Details and before you please email Nancy Devlin so she can help you coordinate the registration through Wings Bookstore. (Click Here To Email Nancy)  This is very new information. We will soon have our own registration page and more information.

There a number of people who have helped manifest this event. I love and appreciate all of you and your energy. This is a very special milestone in the mission of increasing the awareness of First Unity and Life Rights. Personally I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity and look forward to as many as possible joining me for a very special week next March.

More soon,

Abundant Love and Blessings,

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