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“The Right to Be You: The Little Book That Could” with Rev. Temple Hayes

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As precious as its author, Reverend Temple Hayes, the book “The Right to Be You: The Lit“The Right to Be You: The Little Book That Could” with Rev. Temple Hayestle Book That Could” heralds THE rights movement of our times. Sound grandiose? It is. Reverend Temple Hayes of First Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida has doubled church membership as a minister and now helps to redouble our efforts to acknowledge and respect the Spirit of Life in us all. In this new book, she brings to our consciousness simply and succinctly something we too often forget: with one change of our minds, we can see peace in our world and in all beings in this life time.

The Life Rights movement is a Peace Through People Initiative that combines human rights, civil rights, equal rights, gay rights, religious rights, animal rights, children’s rights, elder rights and the ecological rights of this planet under one universal umbrella.

The book, “The Right to Be You”, written for children of all ages (with the youngest in years among us in mind), gives us pause to consider the fact that as God’s Creations each and every one of have the inalienable right to BE. Beautifully illustrated and designed for classroom teaching and storytime, this book has captured my heart, and will lighten the imaginations of all people who read it. Add this book to the early reading canon of children you love & BE Blessed.

Purchase “The Right to Be You: The Little Train That Could” at www.LifeRights.com , join the Life Rights movement & BE Blessed! (it’s so nice had to say it twice!)

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