Spirituality to me is being guided to do what is in front of me to do.


During my stay in Abadiania, Brazil, I was lead to take care of stray dogs on the street.. They are all shapes, colors, and sizes. I created a team of support to help me. I did Shaman healing energy work on many. For some, I asked for forgiveness for our ignorance as we watch them starve. I introduced myself to the local veterinarian and made donations. I adopted one of the dogs named Sofi, got her spayed and placed her in a loving home in the state of Washington, USA

I did not go to Brazil with an agenda; I went with an open heart.

Affirmation: In the name of God, I find great joy in serving, and it shows up as it needs to.

To learn more about the Sofi Project  https://templehayes.com/the-sofi-project/

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