A Ritual for the Path of My Faith

Face where you have been (in the past)
I face the path of my faith
This is the way I’ve come,
The journey my soul has taken to bring me where I am today.
I recall the people I’ve met on this path,
Teachers all.
Kind and Unkind-
Whatever they did, they walked with me awhile
And showed me the path
I bless their being and their teaching.
I remember events and encounters along the way,
Pleasant or painful,
Always instructive,
Whatever happened, it was useful –
And in its own integrity, it was beautiful-
I learned to follow my own path.
I learned where I must go.
I bless the path of my past…
(Turn away from the past)
Holding my present in my own hands,
I face my future now –
I face a new path every morning-
Every day I step forward on an unknown path –
A unique path –
Guided and supported by the Spirit within me –
In its presence, past and future are one time-
And I’m where I am supposed to be.
Now and always, my path is in Spirit.

Copyright: Embracing the Light and Darkness, A Spirit Expressing Experience

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