One Heart , One World


We are at a crucial time in our society, for we need more people to connect and become totally alive again. We have a significant amount of soul fragmentation, both as individuals and collectively as we face tragedy and crisis together. We have two challenges now. One is that many people have stopped participating in these types of rituals to transcend the pain, and the other challenge stems from the fact that we learn about world losses at a moment’s notice. If we are not into the practice of rituals to move us from the pain to the gain, we will continue to be weary as a people and will not step into our greater capacities as a society.

We are so aware and informed now, and our losses are no longer localized. We know of losses all over the world, and at any given point through social media, so if you are not into the practice of coping constructively with all these energies and losses, you will become weary, disconnected, and drained. We cope constructively by chanting, dancing, drumming, and, most important, feeling the energies through us so they may pass from us. We are finally learning that we are one world and ultimately one heart.

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