Ocean of Gratitude Cruise with Temple Hayes: Register Here

More information is emerging about the cruise including:

“Immerse yourself in a field of gratitude, the Master Key that opens the door to your natural state of abundance. Anchor the powerful energies of gratitude, love and appreciation with like-minded friends in an environment of exquisite natural beauty. Take home powerful tools that will enhance the rest of your life.”

Wings Bookstore has a special page for The Ocean of Gratitude Cruise. Please Click Here

If you are ready to register and benefit from the early registration discount, there is a registration link on the Wings’ page.  For your convenience the link is Click Here For The Registration Form Through Wings

Thank you so much for your interest in this special event.  I am honored to be included as a featured presenter. I hope many are able to join me along with  Michael Beckwith his wife Rickie and other wonderful presenters on this cruise.

Love and Abundant Blessings


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