Love is the bridge between you and everything. -Rumi-

Many people today in America are sitting in front of their phones, TVs and computers in mere despair. All are feeling so surprised that our Capital experienced such violence and ignorance, and that adversity is being expressed in a country that quickly defines itself as the land of the free and of democracy.

The truth of the matter is we have not been free for a very long time. We are enslaved to greed, enterprise, pharmaceuticals, false prophets and so much more. The Declaration of Independence had possibilities yet required each individual of such creeds to grow into them. Most never have and sadly many never will.

Our country is one of the most desired in the world for the illusion that we have it made, dreams come true, you can be a celebrity or better yet, you can be rich. Yet the deeper truth is behind the illusion we are still working from a place of darkness into the light. We are still rewriting false stories and untruths even as simple as how we were discovered. We are still retrieving our souls for we have lived behind so many false lies told by the white man and retold over and over again.

There is one thing in our society and our nation that is self-evident today. We are craving leadership which stands for all of us and sees beyond our shadows and brings us to the new hope of glory which is US. Not me and only me but WE.

As a Spiritual Leader, what I know to be true is this is a necessary space as individuals for everyone to get to. Spiritually though achieved through darkness is the deep-rooted space we go to when we finally see the light for the necessity to be a contributor to more than ourselves. I know in my own life, I had to surrender to something much greater than myself in order for the alignment of my connection to the universe.

Never in my lifetime, have I served in my country under leadership which exemplifies the extreme of division. People who were not grounded in their own strong beliefs have allowed themselves these past four years to get caught up in division language. Our office of the United States elects officials who stand for all parties not one.

I know many of you are already arguing and stating all the great things which have occurred yet I assure you karma is not measured by what you have but who you are.

The inherent principles of this country were built upon values, character and integrity. We have allowed ourselves to lower our standards and allowed this division to make us ill. We have a severe virus of not understanding we catch everything from one another for it is consciousness which leads the energy of this society. We have created a mass division within our culture.

SO what is the answer?

If you are a true leader – step up, not down. We don’t need any more qualified and dynamic leaders of the city, state, church, institution or any other self-acclaimed leaders  posting everywhere on social networks how discouraged they are or dismayed. Step up – not down.

Do not feed the division. Division is the obvious success of breaking news, it’s the success of weakening the human spirit, it is designed to make us followers instead of true leaders and people who use their own minds.

Lead with inspiration and excitement as we are entering into the Age of Aquarius. Observe your language to the very words which leave your mouth or enter your hearts. Eliminate and heal the divide. Include and allow the space of realizing the power of the U.S. It’s us. It’s US.

We have so much to do in our country with the basic rights of life. Children hungry and dying, suicide, homeless, survival needs, etc. We have been so mesmerized these past few years on a tele-vision that we have lost our way with our own vision.

In everyday life, my stand is not with a particular party. It is a beloved community which includes all people and all sentient beings. It is not to separate but to bridge differences so true difference makers may be realized.

If you are in another country, we need your faith not your mockery. If you benefit from our country in any way, eliminate the mediocrity that you feed when you speak of us. I have always found it interesting when people live here six months and talk about our beauty until the darkness comes and then they are dismissive.

Einstein said, “Great minds always face violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Well, there you have it as we have witnessed these past days.

It’s time to step up – not down. We can only start where we are in the decisions we make and live right now.

Heal the divide within you and over time the divide will heal within each of us.

We are not broken, and our world isn’t broken and until we mend this deep misunderstanding within our psyche, we will always allow the lesser to guide us.

Love is the bridge between you and everything. – Rumi-

Peace, Temple Hayes

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