Seekers-Trust Your Inner Guide


Many years ago I was so excited to be working with a well- known metaphysical teacher because ‘the teacher’ told me there was one $10,000 slot left and I was being interviewed to see if I was a good fit for the course.

The program was to step me into a new place of ‘being the change I want to see in the world’ and to be more in ownership of my gifts and talents. I did the hokey pokey and put my whole self in yet I did not feel that I was seeing measurable changes in my life.

Shortly after I had finished the program, ‘the teacher’ invited me to be part of the workshop team and wanted me to do it for free. Excuse me – Free?

The in-congruence for me was I had just taken this program to be more clear of my worth and my value. Later I also discovered that there is always one or two last slots left in the program and I had been played at a moment that I genuinely wanted to grow. This practice is not unusual.

There are all types of people out there regardless of their license, popularity, credentials or number of books they have written. Remember as I always say, “there ought not be a difference between the book you are writing and the one you are living.”

Some teachers teach us what we want to model and some teach us what we do not want to model. Both are equally necessary and important. Kind and unkind – instructive all.

It is so crucial to follow your own path and listen within for the student/teacher to resonate to your path.


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