“I And My Father Are One”


Today’s message from Science of Mind asked “what do you suppose would happen if you believed what Jesus said with a deep inward feeling and an expanded sense of its meaning?  

“I And My Father Are One, was proclaimed by the wisest man who ever lived”.  Science of Mind asks : “Shouldn’t we accept this simply, directly and sincerely?   …..Nature is a living example, a continuous reminder, that there is a Spirit animating, and sustaining everything, a law governing, coordinating, binding all together – a unifying Principle holding everything in place.”

Knowing we are One and being that which we know leads directly to respect for all life to live their intentions in freedom and in peace – the mantra of Life Rights.  Being that which we know also is the recognition that what we do for ourselves we are actually doing for others and what we do for others we actually do for ourselves. When we have unconditional love for another, we have unconditional love for ourselves.  When we criticize another, we criticize ourselves. 

Know  “I Am My Father Are One” and more importantly be that which you know.

I appreciate you!  I am grateful for you! I love you!


If you align with the  consciousness of Life Rights please consider the following:

Step 1.  Please register at www.LifeRights.org

Step 2.  Join the Life Rights group at www.Facebook.com The group’s address is http://groups.to/liferights If you are not familiar with Facebook a great way to start is to activate a profile (all free). One you have an active account,  search on Temple Hayes and add me as a friend. Steve Pohlit, Executive Director of Life Rights will also welcome you as a friend.  You will soon find you have a growing list of wonderful like-minded friends.

Step 3.  You may feel you would like to help a child or possibly an entire classroom. My book The Right To Be You which is found at www.therighttobeyou.com helps all and especially children understand they have the right to live in freedom and peace.  It helps all understand we are intended to become our individual pure potentiality.

  I appreciate  your interest in Life Rights and send you the energy of Love and Abundant Blessings.

Temple Hayes.

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