How is God omniscient?


Omniscience in its simplest form means “all knowing.” If
God is all powerful (omnipotent) and all present (omniscient),
then God is also all knowing. God Mind is all and
knows all.When we face situations and circumstances, we
have the ability to open up to the omniscient grace of God
and allow insight, direction and new truths to surface on
our pathway.We open to these new awakenings and
discoveries through prayer and meditation, which allow the
space for new ideas to flow.
We can look at any situation or circumstance and
declare,“There is an intelligence in the universe, God the
omniscient, who knows the way and the means for this
situation to result in a wonderful outcome.”We know
without hesitation or lack of faith that God knows all,and
we let this knowledge flow through us.We are listening,

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