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When I sometimes forget what I sense I might know, or I become weary as a difference maker, or I need a reminder of what I truly believe, I go to the energy of children. Many years ago, on a sacred spirit journey, I sought to understand the energetic qualities of myself, my allies, and my adversaries. I was seeking to be given archetypes that would support me to be aware of the energies that enhance my life and the energies that detract from my amazing life. I went into a deep meditation and sought the attributes that are my energetic drivers

.Energetic drivers in your day-to-day life are like a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone that has so many windows open that it technically slows the process down. When too many windows are running, it uses the battery way too quickly, and the same is true with us. Our batteries get used up way too quickly because these drivers are depleting us and making us weary. So I was searching to understand my drivers, and I connected with the “windows” I was consciously or unconsciously running in my day-to-day life. In simple terms, I discovered my inner qualities, which include my light (what I persist in), my darkness (what I resist), and all the great shadows (probably what I deny yet get to experience until I accept) in the middle

.One of my adversaries was the image of an aged priest named Heremie who, from time to time, would go into a depression, a very sad or drained place. He was feeling disconnected and drained rather than energetic and impassioned. I realized during this discovery that Heremie represented a part of me that I had felt from time to time all my life. Heremie was actually the underneath layer of the life I was attempting to force, called Hurry-Me. Life, you are not giving me the results I am seeking fast enough, so please Hurry-Me along. I had learned the ways of my father. I have waited too long already, and God, where are you, anyway? I have been saying yes since I was five, and now here I am in my forties. When? When?

So Heremie (Hurry-Me) explained an inner energetic driver I had experienced for a long time, and the medicine for Heremie was to be with children. It is no surprise that at that time, life had brought me back into working at a spiritual community so I could be around all the good and natural medicine of children, since I had no children of my own. Children are so clear that the path is the path, and they are where they are supposed to be.

Naturally, without hesitancy, children say yes, I do, or no, I am not interested. The essence of a child is freedom. Children do not judge or hold back their feelings. They would continue to develop into adults who express the same, yet over the years their tribe and villages discount the right to feel, to affirm, or to walk away. Their natural esteem becomes a lack of self-esteem, for the fundamental value of self is to be. Be life! Most important, be you!

Excerpt: When Did You Die?

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