Heaven on Earth?

Excerpt: “How to speak Unity” -Temple Hayes-

Gate dreaming

Heaven is a state of consciousness which is realized by living in the present moment. We do not acknowledge heaven in the traditional sense, as a place in the sky or a piece of property with pearly gates where all “good” people will one day coexist. It does not seem fathomable to us that we would reconnect with many people whom we did not have a great relationship with in the first place. A magical new place will not bring us closer to relationships anymore than a vacation can heal the “family.”

Heaven is our gift when we learn to have a true relationship with ourselves and God .Heaven is given to each of us when we decide to allow our hearts and minds to be open and immerse ourselves in the good which is evident all around us. Instead of believing Heaven is No-Where, we affirm Heaven is Now-Here!

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