Great Idea


There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world and that is an idea whose time has come…… -Victor Hugo

Can you imagine when the first safety pin was invented how difficult it was for the creator of it not to be laughed at…or how it was explained and the benefits of it… just imagine….or the post it note… what a magical idea .. to be able to paste notes on a page… or highlight a part in a book….or to mark a page specifically… what a great invention…

Have you ever had an idea and did not act upon it or you called it silly only to discover that a few months down the road someone else had the same concept and brought it to fruition?

Perhaps you have an idea that can help others, or change a life or make someone smile. The idea was given to you for a reason. Ideas have so much magic and intention behind them. They want to be revealed. Just like electricity, the computer, and the automobile; we can be thankful that all the individuals who had these ideas did not hide them or refuse to pursue them. Because of them, our lives are easier. Remember not every idea has to change a nation yet certainly it can make your day to day life easier. Welcome new ideas into your life and you will be amazed how many more will come…
Great ideas come to those who love them!

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