The Good in Light and Dark


In the biblical Creation story, we are told that God created the light and the dark, and it was good. Yet how does this get so overlooked, when it is right at the very beginning of this sacred book? Light and dark are equally good and important enough to have been created in the first place.

We begin to die from the inside out when we promote separation by dismissing half of our lives in the darkness. We begin to die a little from the very beginning, because we cannot understand that greater light comes from owning the darkness and that greater joy comes from deep sadness.

Often people will comment on my deep belly laugh and how they love to hear my laughter. After acknowledging the compliment, I quickly say to them, “It came from deep cries, deep pain, and deep self-reflection.” My deepest joys come from sitting in my own darkness and learning that there is no reason to be afraid.

We want to rush through the “not so good” feelings to get to the happy place; we do not understand that you cannot rush the process. When we rush the feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment, or rage, we are not able to get the full benefit of having the feelings in the first place. When we embrace the feelings, it leads us to greater insights and wisdom, shape-shifting our current reality into something much deeper and perhaps even magical.

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