The Source of the Eternal Flow


Knowing that there is One Eternal Source of All Love and Divine Supply, I know that my Life Is that One Life and that All Supply and Abundance Is now Mine to the extent I allow it in my Life. I am open to the unlimited possibilities of love flowing as money and prosperity, of creativity manifesting as successful and profitable projects and satisfying work

No longer do I allow doubt and unworthiness to be a part of me, for I now know the truth That I am Spirit expressing– and that I am capable of co-creating and directing a life full of love and a life flowing with joyfulness and surplus. I am abundantly self-sufficient in all my needs and I live from the higher truth of being In the work I do, and my loving interactions with all whose lives I touch.

Giving thanks, for it is gratitude that connects and reminds us of our God nature. And knowing that my words have power, and are already working in my life. I release this into the Universal Presence. And so it is. Amen. Investing Your Inner Wealth in Fulfillment and Abundance A 7-week Book Study Guide, by Ernest D. Chu

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