Freedom and Peace: The Foundation of True Prosperity

(This article’s main focus is The Life Rights Initiative.  Steve Pohlit is the author.  I am blessed by all the people who are helping grow the consciousness of freedom and peace.  Love and Blessings Temple)


“Peace Be With You ..and Also With You”  is a familiar phrase to those who have experience with the Catholic church.  The meaning of peace is personal.  A person climbing Mt. Everest or parachuting from a plane may be at total peace, whereas another may be frozen in fear if they were in one of those situations.A person may appear to have the perfect life and be in utter turmoil internally.

We can only influence the energy of freedom and peace if that consciousness is pervasive within. The peace consciousness is most powerful within when we are on purpose.  True prosperity is felt when we are on purpose and at peace.  We are on purpose when we live the life of our intentions in freedom and peace and respect the right of all others to do the same.

Physical experiences influence our feelings of peace, but are not our source of peace.  Our source of peace is God. God intends for us to achieve our potential here in the physical plane. Our potential is possible, in part, with the freedom to be our potential.  Our own freedom is realized when we have the knowing that all have the same right to freedom and peace. We do not experience peace at the expense of another life form or at the expense of the earth on which we live.

Less than six months ago, I was nudged by God to understand and help the Life Right’s initiative.  That is when I asked Temple Hayes, founder of the Life Rights how best may I serve?  Candidly neither one of us knew the answer at that moment. Once I understood her commitment to Life Rights and began to understand the true meaning of Life Rights, knowing how to help expand the awareness and consciousness of freedom and peace was clear.

Briefly, let me share with you  how we have been progressing since the beginning of May:

  • Temple has a vibrant presence on Facebook which is a social networking site, and is connected with nearly 2,000 people. This network continues to grow and is a very important part of  the rapid expansion of the freedom and peace consciousness.  Her Facebook friends  are  the source for growing the Life Rights group within the Facebook network.
  • What is really cool is the discovery of  other groups of like minded people within the social networking community. These people are literally from most every country on the planet. We are attracting the connections by the energy we have within us. Some of these groups will eventually align more formally with the freedom and peace initiative.

Our mission is urgent as we know separateness thinking is pervasive.  Just yesterday,  we learned there are 11,000 reported cases of child abuse in one Florida county each year.  That is just one county in one state.  This experience  further confirms the importance of the Life Rights Initiative which is the right of all , including our children, to live in freedom and peace.

As we move forward we experience positive connections.  Jeanine reached out to help grow Temple’s network on Facebook.  Now there is an additional resource and our progress is faster.  We become aware of a large Facebook group named Forgiveness and now we are connected.  We were contacted by a lady who has mastery in ho’oponopono, which is an ancient process related to forgiveness. Part of the answer to achieving a consciousness of  freedom and peace by forgivness and releasing  judgment.  Now the Facebook groups ho’oponopono and forgiveness are being aligned and 4,000 people are becoming aware of the consciousness of freedom and peace.   No, there are not 4,000 committed to the Life Rights initiative, there are 4,000 and growing exposed to the consciousness of freedom and peace.

Margaret Mead wrote “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  This is a sharing with you the progress of one small group of people made in a brief period of time. We are grateful for the growing number of people helping and  becoming committed to their own freedom and peace consciousness.

“Peace begins right here right now with me.”

The immediate opportunity is for more people to demonstrate their commitment to the freedom and peace consciousness by following the steps below.

Step 1. Please register at

Step 2. Join the Life Rights group at The group’s address is If you are not familiar with Facebook a great way to start is to activate a profile (free). One you have an active account, search on the following people and add as friends.: Temple Hayes, Steve Pohlit, Pamela Gregory, Joy Pedersen.   You will soon find you have a growing list of wonderful like-minded friends.

Step 3. You may feel you would like to help a child or possibly an entire classroom. The book “The Right To Be You” by Temple Hayes  found at helps all and especially children understand they have the right to live in freedom and peace.


Everything in between us arriving and leaving the physical plane will be as we create it. The only disconnect is not understanding how we create our reality here.  When we do arrive at that understanding and allow our consciousness to be that understanding,  our life will take off. My highest thought, as is yours, is where we know what God thinks, feels and acts in every situation. We are candles of the Sun meaning we are part of God.  As we identify  where our daily self varies from our highest thought and close that gap we then become our intended purpose on the physical plane and are creating our intended reality.

I Love You and May God Bless You In Abundant Ways That You Never Could Even Imagine,

Steve Pohlit

Today please register your commitment to the consciousness of Oneness by registering at

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Steve is the Executive Director of Life Rights tm A movement started by Rev. Temple Hayes, CEO for the purpose of expanding the globes consciousness to the right of all to live their intention in freedom and peace.

Steve is the President of International Business Consulting Resources. Steve blends best business practices with the universal laws of prosperity with all of his work. New business consulting and coaching clients are always welcome.

Valuable resources can be found at Prosperity Tip, The Prosperity Tool Chest (the most powerful tool on the planet for transforming your life.)

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