Don’t let breaking news break you…


Pray, hold the high watch, take positive action.
Grieve the events but do not lose heart.
Feel the frustration but transcend it to proactive choices and solutions.
We will not solve anything by operating at the level of these issues.
We are at a critical point but not for critics to make their point.
Be brave and strong, bound with principles.
24/7 news has been after us for a long time. Do not let ‘them’ weaken your spirits. Do not give in.
The more we feed into the drama the more advertising sells. Bad news SELLS!
If you think they (24/7 news) have our best interest at heart, ask a shark. The news turned one of the greatest creatures on the planet into something that children fear and who they project doesn’t deserve to exist. Use your inner wisdom. What is real?
What are you selling? What is your 24/7 reality and what am I selling? What are we selling as a nation and world?
This is our time, all of you dreamers and wise sages…all of you practitioners and great thinkers.
How will we be remembered? The children are watching.
Stop, be attentive and choose wisely.
All of us can impact our world, but how? That’s the question.
Don’t let breaking news break you. – Temple Hayes, Difference Maker

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