Collective Consciousness

Temple is “Cruising ” with Michael Beckwith and many more. This is Steve and I felt you will enjoy this tremendously.

This video has a marvelous message from Abraham though Esther Hicks. In part, it is about collective consciousness. Esther is “on fire” in this video. Feel her energy.

Many of us have a tendency to have a “sky is falling” view in times that we classify as difficult. Abraham challenges us to focus on our purpose.

Abraham talks about expansion and our world really being at the beginning. For me this is the idea that “lit the fire” that fuels my commitment to Life Rights. Life Rights, “the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace. That commitment is part of my definition of my purpose.

Have you defined your purpose? Do so! When you do, you will experience peace, calm and a seemingly contrasting intensity to be that whom your are intended to be. You will be at peace while jumping from an airplane if that is something you have always wanted to do. You will be at peace no matter what you are doing or what is going on around you. That energy is what you send out to the Universe and “All Is Good”. That is what Abraham is intending for us to understand when the energy of the masses is discussed.

Pause, breathe deep and ask yourself how you feel about “the right of all to live their intentions in freedom and peace” Really think about it and write to Temple expressing your feelings.

Just One More Thing – there is a wonderful lady in the United Kingdom. Her name is Georgina Beament. She posted this video to her blog and messaged me saying she knew I would appreciate it.

Temple Love You
I Love You

Sending the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity
Steve Pohlit

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