Do we believe that our words have power?


People often think of affirmations as glorified “positive
thinking.” In Unity, we believe the words we declare to be
our truth become our truth.As we grow spiritually, we
become more aware of the words we use to define
ourselves.We become sensitive to the seeds we are planting
in our daily lives.

The words “I am” have the power to shape our lives;
therefore, what follows “I am” needs to be what we are
seeking to become and not a reinforcement of the negative
patterning and conditions we are leaving behind. Like a
glass of water which has become stagnant, it may take
several pitchers of pure water to dilute the stagnation and
return the water to its purest state. Positive affirmations
change our lives and bring us to our purest state of being
if we are willing to use them all the time and for as long as
it takes.

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