Amendment 2 and The Right of All To Live Their Intentions In Freedom and Peace.

Dearest Friends,

I am often asked about the position of Life Rights on specific issues.  My response is always the same. I remind people of the foundation consciousness of Life Rights and on occasion provide as accurate information as possible on situations that deserve our attention.

The Life Rights initiative has a very clear definition of purpose. Simply, Life Rights is the right of all life to live their intentions in freedom and peace. If you have read my previous articles and have seen my videos and related material at you know if we adopt the consciousness of Life Rights, then issues including, crime, war, mistreatment of anyone would not be possible. The difference between Life Rights and most other organizations with a social cause mission is that  Life Rights consciousness prevents a negative situation from occurring in the first place.

For example, there are organizations that help people who have experienced abuse. A person having the consciousness of freedom and peace for all life could not initiate any abuse for a person or any other life in this Universe. As importantly, none of us would do anything to harm the environment which is our home. I encourage you to spend the time you need to understand the significance of Life Rights. If you have any questions or otherwise would like clarity on this, please use the comment section below. I will do my best to answer all your questions.

How does the consciousness of Life Rights align with current and proposed legislation. Ultimately that is your decision.  Currently, Amendment #2 is on the ballot in Florida.  My purpose is to bring to your attention the nature of this proposal and  encourage you to; first, vote on November 4th and; second,  and vote on Amendment #2  according to your belief.


In summary, Amendment #2 states:


“In as much as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized.”


It is important for us to alway understand legislation that affects our lives. As this relates to Amendment #2 I encourage you to focus on the meaning of the phrase “substantial equivalent” in this proposal. Consider the following example: Imagine a company in Florida that currently offers employees health care benefits. There are many companies that choose to provide such benefits and furthermore offer relationship partners, heterosexual or otherwise, the same benefits as traditionally married couples.


Amendment #2 placed people in a committed relationship currently covered by benefit programs offered to traditionally married couples at risk to losing those benefits. This is labeling certain life as being more valuable than others which is directly opposite the foundation of Life Rights.  Life Right does not support this Amendment.


God bless you and all. I appreciate you considering this matter and always have unconditional love for you.


Abundant blessings



If you feel the  consciousness of Life Rights is you, then begin by considering the following:

Step 1.  Please register at

Step 2.  Join the Life Rights group at The group’s address is If you are not familiar with Facebook a great way to start is to activate a profile (all free). One you have an active account,  search on Temple Hayes and add me as a friend. Steve Pohlit, Executive Director of Life Rights will also welcome you as a friend.  You will soon find you have a growing list of wonderful like-minded friends.

Step 3.  You may feel you would like to help a child or possibly an entire classroom. My book The Right To Be You which is found at helps all and especially children understand they have the right to live in freedom and peace.  It helps all understand we are intended to become our individual pure potentiality.

I appreciate you!  I am grateful for you!  I appreciate  your interest in Life Rights and send you the energy of Love and Abundant Blessings.

Temple Hayes.

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