A Ritual for the Path of My Faith

Leting go isn't easy...
Please read this each week as part of the beginning prayer consciousness.
You may also add your own prayers as well.
Face where you have been (in the past)
I face the path of my faith
This is the way I’ve come,
The journey my soul has taken to bring me where I am today.
I recall the people I’ve met on this path,
Teachers all.
Kind and Unkind-
Whatever they did, they walked with me awhile
And showed me the path
I bless their being and their teaching.
I remember events and encounters along the way,
Pleasant or painful,
Always instructive,
Whatever happened, it was useful –
And in its own integrity, it was beautiful-
I learned to follow my own path.
I learned where I must go.
I bless the path of my past…
(Turn away f rom the past)
Holding my present in my own hands,
I face my future now –
I face a new path every morning-
Every day I step forward on an unknown path –
A unique path –
Guided and supported by the Spirit within me –
In its presence, past and future are one time-
And I’m where I am supposed to be.
Now and always, my path is in Spirit.
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