head for your heart
when the world
is in a swirl
head for your heart
when endless storms
cloud your horizon
and vortices of impossibilities
mar your view
head for your heart
when nothing
seems to be enough
yet wherever you turn
it all seems too much
head for your heart
when negativities
fill the air and choke
off even the merest glimmer
of breath-giving
and hope-illumined vistas
then you know in your
heart of hearts
that it is time
so settle down and settle in
let the grace of silence begin
to connect you to the steadfast beat
of your own true knowing
a treasure chest within
overflowing with tokens of love
and kindness
gathered along the way
a heart made strong
and wise through
navigating the twists
and turns of your journey
to this moment
in time
-from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx

For more inspiration and information: https://templehayes.com/

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