Your experiences do not define you.


I am noticing that more and more people are feeling torn in many different directions. We have all felt at times that we are being pulled in two or three directions. It could be job issues, family crisis, adjustment to a new marriage or adjustment to an old marriage becoming new.

The key to remember is experiences are always happening around us but not in us.

I am not my experience. They are simply matters happening all around me and in my life. My experiences do not define me. They are only moments in time. It took me awhile in studying the principles of unity to comprehend that I did not need to bring into my physical being the challenges that I was facing.

The facets and experiences of my life are like the branches of the tree and I am the trunk. The branches will change, come and go but the trunk will weather any storm.. kind or unkind.

Prayer is the greatest method to ground ourselves when we are needing to create a greater sense of peace when facing any and all of our experiences in life.

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