Someday, you will die … and so will I


One of our deepest shadows is our relationship to physical death. We deny death and run from it, as if by our doing so it will go away.

Plato said, “Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the adult afraid of the light?”

Every person who has had a near-death experience talks about going into the light. Then why are we so afraid to accept that we will owe life a death? Why are we so afraid of one day going into the light? Given our fascination with light shows and fireworks, you’d think that going into the light would sound like an incredible experience.

I have been on panels at assisted living facilities where I have spoken to the elderly about the value of owning their death, which is inevitable, and being a participant while they are cognizant in choosing what they would like at the end of their lives as their life celebration. They look at me as if I am out of my mind. Actually, in these moments I am out of my mind—I am in my heart. My heart has grieved for so many people I have loved throughout the years, and I’ve seen what their families choose for them when they are unable to choose for themselves. You would be appalled!

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