You Were…


Wherever I traveled. You were manifested;
Wherever I looked. You were revealed.
In ka’ba, idol-temple, synagogue, and church, I saw
All were searching for You, and to all You were a Friend.
I sought only You in every person I met, every place I went;
You were in every sign, both the outer and the inner.
In the marketplace of love, it was revealed,
You were both the seller and the buyer.
In every heart whispering of love of an idol,
That idol was but a pretext: You were both heart and Beloved.
From pre-etemity to post-etemity throughout the universe,
You were all that was hidden or revealed, bountiful or scarce.
If You have bestowed light and stolen my heart and faith,
This is because You are heart, faith, and the Illuminator of all light.

Excerpt: Embracing The Light Workbook by Temple Hayes

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