Why I wrote “When Did You Die?”


I wrote the book When Did You Die? because I have come to understand that our experiences and challenges play a major role in our development. I am the same person now that I was at five years old—a person who “survived myself” long enough to understand the difference between our earthly birth story and the magic and miracles of our sacred creation story.

I understood that embracing my Creator offered me the crayons for the amazing coloring book of my own life. I somehow finally understood that the anger and disconnected feelings I had carried most of my life really weren’t anger with and disconnection from the Creator but were anger with and disconnection from myself.

The only difference between who I was then and who I am now is that I have given myself total permission to be vulnerable and real and not be concerned with what someone else thinks of me. I believe I was born to write this book, and from my living a little and dying a little (a lot of dying a little, actually), I have become more awake and a little wiser. I believe that life is simple but that because of our inability to see how natural our paths are destined to be, we have made life hard and complicated.

We are living in a time in our society when we need to move beyond scratching the surface by sharing platitudes and clichés and bumper sticker truths. We need teachings of depth and practical applications to show us how we can die many times in a lifetime and how, with our permission and willingness to do so, we can stop dying all these times and truly live. We all long to become fully present and alive. It is our true sacred creation story.


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