Why do the same problems persist in our lives?


Usually we have long term problems in our lives for two reasons: either we have learned to believe in a false idea or we feel separated from the one mind of the universe (our God-Intelligence).

Our minds are like computer programs. They become outdated, inapplicable and virtually useless. For example: if you do not like the way your old computer program is working, you don’t keep trying over and over to make it do something it is not capable of; you simply get a new program.

This is what we want to do with our minds, our consciousness.. We want to install a new program. We want to give the Law-of God something new to respond to. For instance, if you do not like the relationships in your life, give God a new program to work with, a new idea of what you want.

A new consciousness transforms us- moves us up and out of situations that would normally drag us down. By choosing to change your course you automatically change your consciousness and your problems no longer persist.

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