Who Knows Best

People are always telling us how to be, how to express, how to experience, and the only individual that knows that is your inner being, your soul which carries you. They even say that in your life to beware not to read just one book over and over and over again. That’s what all the great metaphysicians have ever said. But read two or three or four all at the same time. Because you don’t want to be swayed by just any one direction you see.

You want to be open to the truth which is the truth that you’ve yet to discover. The idea that you’ve yet to discover within you, the song that you’re yet to sing that no one else has created before you. It’s so important as we are into that level of discovering our own magnificence.

Someone will always have another way. It reminds me of a story of an investment banking, that was looking around an island in Mexico, and he came to this small city, and this fisherman was coming up and brought his one boat up to the dock and the investment banker walks over there and goes oh, you’ve got some fish in there huh? You’ve got some yellow fin tuna, and the guy said yeah, I fish everyday. And he said, well do you really love it? Do you enjoy what you do, and he says oh yeah, I get up late in the morning, and I go out and fish and I have a siesta with my wife Maria, and then I go and have a little sip of wine in the evening, and oh yeah, all is good.

And the banker goes, well you know, if you even spend a little more time fishing now, you could even make more than you make now, and you could probably go out and buy another boat, and before you know it you could have three or four boats and you could have a fleet. And not only that, but you could take all those boats and you could eliminate the middle man all together and you could start a cannery. And you could process it and do all that. And the man is just looking at him and taking it in, and he said you could do all that and before you know that you could announce an IPO, take your company public, you’d probably have to move to Mexico city and then Los Angeles and then New York, but he said wow, think of what you could do.

And the guy looked at him and says well, how long do you think all that would take? And he says oh about ten or fifteen years, but then you’d be a millionaire! And the guy said, well, that’s a long time, after I’m a millionaire well then what am I gonna do? And he said, well, you could sell everything, and you could start getting up late every morning, you could take some siestas with your wife, you could go downtown and take some wine and be with your friends, your amigos…

You see the soul path, only works for us and knowing what is the highest and best for the path for us to follow. And when we are walking through life, when we are with our own set of dreams and our own desires, we are the ones that know, have an awareness of what is going to serve our needs at this particular time. And no one knows that better – not on the human plane anyway, than ourselves.

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