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Once people cross the line of unnaturally being told what to do and what to be, they begin to die a little, and many never again create a new paradigm by which to live innately in the way they were designed and destined.It is as if many people have become robots and outside sources are trying to create one remote control to operate all of us. The remote control consists of twenty-four-hour biased news, medical advertisements 24/7, and pretentious role models making millions telling people how to do something they have never done themselves.

The situation has gotten way out of hand, and my purpose as a spiritual leader is to urge everyone to take a time-out and realize we are getting worse rather than better. We know more than ever, yet we are showing very little of what we know. As a world we have become weary, for we have lessened our energy by the day-to-day lack of celebrating this amazing life.

We get better by admitting, first and foremost, that we as a world are ready for help. We get better by understanding that a few simple causes have made us get worse. We get better by realizing that it will not take a lot to get us where we need to be. We get better by being willing to know better and by directing this energy into doing better. 

We get better by realizing that we have more information available to us than we have ever had, yet first we must realize that many of us seem to be more ignorant than we have ever been. Knowing a fact doesn’t mean anything unless our knowing transforms into our growing, then transcends us into our showing.

We get better by showing everything and everyone around us that indeed we are growing. We are knowing, growing, and showing our divine possibilities by learning to live as authentic, empowered individuals rather than attempting to be one size that fits all, governed by one remote control.

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