What role does science play in our lives?


Science simply means that a condition proves itself. Our
lives prove to us each day that we are working within laws
and principles,and the more we become in tune with
these truths, the greater the magic expresses in our lives.
The law of attraction is always working and is always
proving itself to the mind of the beholder.
There are no accidents and no coincidences in our
lives. Life doesn’t just “happen” unless we have agreed to
make it so.A loving person lives in a loving world,a
thankful person lives in a thankful world,an angry person
lives in an angry world and a victim always experiences
reasons to be sorry.
It is our divine birthright to be a bright star in the
universe and claim our greatness.We do not benefit
anything or anyone by being small. Everything is
happening because we are co-creating our reality with

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