What is the New Thought Movement?


Unity is part of a global movement known as the New
Thought Movement.At its core, New Thought believes
there is a common thread within all the world’s religions
and philosophies,“There is one Life, that life is God,and
that life is our life right now.”There is a power for good
and we can use it.
New Thought was born over 150 years ago to provide
oneness for global spirituality, rather than emphasize the
distinctions of the dogmas among various religions of the
world.There is a universal language, beneath all the layers
of doctrines and creeds, which draws out of all people the
longing to connect with something greater.
We do not believe that God loves some countries more
than others or some churches more than others, otherwise
God would be a person and life would have no order.
New Thought empowers individuals to learn how to
think rather than forcing them into what to think. Our
founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore sought to discover
Unity within all forms of spirituality, therefore Unity
emerged as not only our name but also our daily method,
motto and mission.

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