What is Sacred


We have gone amiss by losing the sacred art of ancient rituals and symbols in our culture. It is evident that we want these rituals and symbols, however, because of the popularity of books by J. K. Rowling and Dan Brown and films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones. We long to understand infinite wisdom through mystical teachings, signs, codes, and symbols.

Many of us have been influenced by such writings as the Bible or the Koran or symbols such as the cross, yet we have been deeply lacking in creating symbols and interpretations of our own. The archetypes, symbols, and signs that are unique to our own GPS are essential for us to feel connected, tuned in, and energized.

Stories are just stories unless they become our own stories and we can use them, and symbols are simply symbols unless they anchor, heal, energize, or reveal us. The symbols and signs that are revealed to us through our deep meditations are not only ancient medicine; they also work for us because we created them out of ourselves.

A number of years ago while in upper state New York, I was invited to do an energy healing for a woman who had been sick off and on for a long time. As I worked with her, I kept feeling the presence of a very large cow. I said to her, “This is odd to say yet I must tell you there is a cow’s energy all around you.” She began to deeply cry and stated, “That’s Daisy. Daisy was my show cow when I was a little girl. One of the greatest loves of my life.” I told her Daisy was still with her and encouraged her to get out an old photo of Daisy and place it where she would see it on occasion. It would keep the invitation of an open heart in front of her and remind her that love never dies.

True love brings us to the acceptance of our wholeness.

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