What is a realization?

Excerpt: “How To Speak Unity” – Temple Hayes-

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Miracles are described as what happens when we wake up one day and “we are there,” we have achieved or arrived at a place in our lives we previously thought to be difficult or nearly unattainable. It seems to be a miracle because we do not recall all the necessary steps it took to get us there. A realization is when we have an awakening, or an Ah-Ha moment which will free us from an old paradigm of limitation and sorrow.

There is a saying: If we knew better,we would have done better.When we have a realization, we are able to do better because we are no longer in our own way.We begin to honor our own intuition and insights and do not resist the path of our divine nature.

Once we have a shift in our consciousness, we cannot return to a place of not knowing, for it will create pain and discomfort. Our GPS —God Personalized System— will support us in keeping on track as we continue along this incredible journey we call life.

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