What is a Broken Non-authentic Person?


A broken non-authentic person is usually brokenhearted, waiting for something new to save him or her, and broken financially as well. Our society and culture must die so we may wake up and get back into using our minds and hearts and intuition to guide our decisions.

We are bombarded with messages by the following influencers:
Because the Bible says so
Because the preacher says so
Because the doctor says so
Because my parents said so
Because the billboard tells me so
Because the commercials on TV, radio, and the Internet say so
Because someone else says so

When we surrender to what others say we should be and do and it does not feel inherently right for us, we give up the seat of the real me. Whatever your influencers are telling you, make sure they have manifested in themselves what you are seeking.

Excerpt : When Did You Die?

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