What Does Your Mirror Reflect?


I have been doing christening ceremonies for the past twenty-three years, and each time I invite everyone from the immediate “village,” who are there to support the child to come into a circle. I always ask, “What do you wish and pray for with this child?”

The answers come quickly: to live his dreams, to have self-esteem, to believe in herself, to have faith, to feel connected and loved. And so I tell them the following: Then you have to be what you have wished for. This child will mirror you, so if you live in fear, he will live in fear. If you live in lack, she will live in lack. If you are numb, he will be numb. If you pretend to be something you are not, she will pretend to be something she is not. If you doubt the Universe, he will doubt the Universe. If you do not connect with your Creator, she will not feel free to be created. If you teach him that life is designed to be dying while you are living, he will begin to die while he is living. If you are disconnected and drained, then she will be disconnected and drained.

If you live impassioned and energized, then he will live impassioned and energized. If you believe and practice being original, then she will believe and respect being original. If you learn from your lessons when you make a mistake, then he will learn it is okay to make a mistake and not believe that he is a mistake. If you show your light rather than a lamp that is broken, then she will shine her light as a lamp to the world.

Excerpt: When Did You Die?

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