Are you the bully or the bullied?


Through early programming, we look for approval outside ourselves rather than inwardly satisfying our own creative abilities. It’s a repetitive cycle.

It’s hard to see others as whole when we cannot or will not do what we need to do to see ourselves this way. We hold ourselves as less than perfect.

Big people want to make little people be like them, or be like they wish they could have been growing up. Often unconsciously, parents and guardians force their children to fulfill the unrealized covenants of their own sacred stories.

The energy of the children is rarely allowed, and therefore from the very beginning they get the message that it is not safe to be themselves. Bullying has become the new concern in our society, but the truth, if only we will tell it, is that we received more bullying from our teachers, family members, and doctors than we did from our own peers. Generations of adults have stopped telling the truth about reality, so we are seeing more and more bullying because truth will always find its way to us, whether in the courage to express itself or in rage.


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