We have free choice and free will in how our thoughts are used.


“What we think about God, about ourselves, and about
our neighbors does make a great difference in our daily
lives. Through ignorance of our real selves and of the
results of our thinking, we have let our thoughts flow at

Our minds have been turned toward the external
of our being, and nearly all our information has been gathered
through our five senses.We have thought wrongly
because we have been misinformed by these senses, and
our troubles and sorrows are the results of our wrong
thinking.” – Emilie Cady, Lessons in Truth-

This is an incredible statement! When we can become
trained thinkers and realize that our thoughts which are
held in mind, create their own kind then we understand
that life is not being “done unto us.”

We have free choice and free will in how our thoughts
are used.

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