We are all robe washers in our expression of humility.


In my early forties, I went on a sacred shamanic journey, seeking to know more about myself and what awareness I needed to experience so I could be a more balanced spiritual being. As I entered this deep meditation, I was met by several people, and they took me up on a small hill. They reached over to the side where we were standing and placed upon me an incredible gorgeous red and gold robe. It looked like something Elizabeth Taylor would have been proud to wear. It was so elegant and warm. I took to it immediately—I have always had the type of taste that desired the finest of things. So this beautiful, elegant robe got my full attention. I could feel it and be in it as if it were a real experience.

In a moment or two, the individuals removed the robe and put it away. They were taking it away from me. One of them grabbed me by the hand and then walked me down to the river, where there was a woman washing robes. The robes were all sizes and shapes, all were white, and some were torn. The woman was scrubbing them and placing them into a large cauldron. Then she hung them on a line to dry. She said to me, “Robe Washer!”

When I returned from the meditation, I spent time writing about this vision. I realized that I was more than wealthy, for I was connected to the infinite resources of the earth that had birthed me, yet in order to truly experience the depths of my spirituality, I needed to keep my ego in check by knowing part of my nature as Robe Washer. No matter where I may go in my life, what my credentials are, or how many people are interested in what I have to say, I am Robe Washer. I am never too good or, I hope, too arrogant to ask for forgiveness or to allow people to be who they are. I do not ever want to be a know-it-all, just a robe washer who knows nothing at all; therefore, I can know everything and anything. I am humble to what can be rather than determined that things have to be.

Just saying the name Robe Washer brings me from my expression of presumed arrogance to sacred humility within seconds. I am able to shape-shift from self-righteousness to self-right thinking in a matter of seconds.

Humility is not a word of weakness; it is a word of great strength. Humility makes the space between what used to be and what can be a space of gratitude. Humility is the immense energy that reminds us how fortunate we are to be birthed on this planet and what a privilege it is to know we are never separated from Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are all one woven fabric of the divine.

Excerpt from my latest book: When Did You Die?


Excerpt from my latest book: 

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