How to Use Our God Given Will to Grow


Where we are, God is. This is certainly an idea and a concept that’s not new to any of us. Knowing that wherever we are in your life, whatever the challenges, that we are always working with the power of will. Charles Fillmore said “Will is very similar in nature to the power of understanding and the power of wisdom.” These are the two powers that allow us the opportunity to use discernment and to choose the highest good for our lives. It is the will of ourselves that brings it forward and allows us to act upon it.

It is that will we carry forth in all of our endeavors. We use our will even when we feel like hanging it up, calling it a day, letting go and giving up. It brings forth the necessary inertia and energy to have the faith to continue to move forward.

In the book of Job, it says that you will decide what matters. YOU will decide what matters and it will be established for you. Somewhere along the way, you and I have made a relationship with God, with life and ourselves. We have decided what is important and significant to us. When we’re going through changes or hard times, we have to grow in order to accept our good. Using our will strengthens our commitment to live our lives according to our highest good.

Affirmation: I choose to grow in order to accept my good


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